Best Way To Decay?

The fame of Central New York’s “natural cemetery” is spreading fast. Greensprings, in Newfield, southwest of Ithaca, gets a shout-out today from the Toronto Star.

Some folks in Ontario would like to emulate the CNY burying ground, which adds the dead to the ecosystem in biodegradable boxes, and looks nothing like the traditional cemetery.

“Imagine a gently sloping hill covered with fallen leaves, green ferns and bright wildflowers, the branches of sturdy oaks and maples arching overhead. Birds chirp in the trees. Squirrels and chipmunks scamper on the ground. Now imagine yourself buried underneath.” The Toronto Star

Natural burial advocates, wherever they may be, also seem to believe strongly in land conservation. The Canadians have their eye on some government-owned land near Downsview, Ontario. One of them tells the Star that a natural cemetery would be a far better use for the site than yet another Wal-Mart.

Still, the two uses might have something in common. Low prices are one more selling point for going (forever) natural.


2 Responses to Best Way To Decay?

  1. Hank says:

    Hmm – interesting. Ive been reading up on Green burials lately, and started a green burial blog, because most of these topics are neglected! – I find it amazing that we still tend to push ourselves onto all the old methods to this day.

    Oh, and on the bottom of this insurance page there is a article about “burial clubs” under history of insurance, great read too! – Thanks!

  2. […] Morbidity and Mortality When we came up with this site, built on a circus metaphor and filled with “News To Amuse,” we could not have predicted that the most viewed item in CNY Circus’s young life would be last month’s piece on natural cemeteries. […]

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