Not-So-High-Def TV?

For the owners of TV stations, it may be a little too tempting: The chance to rake in extra cash, by splitting their signal into multiple channels and selling commercial time on all of them.


The Syracuse Post-Standard has found an expert who says viewers are paying a price, because those subchannels are degrading the stations’ capacity to transmit all of high definition’s detail to the people at home. Peter H. Putnam is editor and publisher of

The site appears to establish his tech cred. We had to wonder, when he was quoted in Bill LaRue’s piece as calling the high def picture flaws “little blocks and squiggly things.” Guess he was just trying to speak in layperson’s terms.

Channel 3, since it already has multiple channels, takes a hit in the article. Channels 5 and 9, planning to split their signals in the near future, may need to wait for a followup to take their share of the flak.


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