Where, Oh Where, Is Joni Mitchell?

The folk-jazz-rock icon is where she’s always been, working on her art in various forms. You just haven’t heard much about her lately.


According to SU professor David Yaffe, writing in today’s New York Times, that’s about to change. Joni Mitchell is “Working Three Shifts, and Outrage Overtime,” as the article’s title puts it. The outrage is over the state of the world, and the three shifts are a visual art show, a ballet based on her songs, and a new album, filled with Mitchell’s first new music in a decade. Yaffe describes the preview she gave him:

“On ‘If I Had a Heart, I’d Cry’…she sings, “Holy earth/How can we heal you/We cover you like blight/Strange Birds of Appetite/If I had a heart/I’d cry.” I asked her to replay me the song a few times. It is one of the most haunting melodies she has ever written.”

Read Yaffe’s account of his visit with Joni Mitchell at home in California, in The Times.



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