Syracuse Growing Fast

Syracuse, Utah, that is. Its population has doubled in the last six years. The big news there today: High School Number 8 in the Davis School district is being officially named Syracuse High School.


Why is there a Syracuse, Utah? Well, our city and their state have salty origins in common. But it’s a little more complicated- and interesting- than that. The “other” Syracuse’s Wikipedia article tells us that a Syracuse, New York man who was in the salt business moved out there early in the twentieth century. William Galbraith continued to sell salt in Utah, and printed “Syracuse” on the bags.

People liked the name and its association with ancient mythology, and by the time their city incorporated in 1950, there was no question that its name would be Syracuse.

Today, the school name choice is the same. It’ll be Syracuse High School- home of the Titans, with school colors of blue, green, black and white. Now, the workers finishing up the school’s construction know what to paint on the gym floor, and you know about another “Syracuse,” spun off from Central New York.


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