Waiting For Destiny?

If you’re tired of watching the stacks of steel rust near Carousel Center, the owners of Shoppingtown in Dewitt, Macerich Companies, plan to give you something to keep an eye on in the meantime.

food-court.jpg Shoppingtown is rarely as crowded as it looks in this picture of the food court. In fact, long stretches of it have turned into a retailing ghost town. The Post-Standard’s Store Front columnist, Bob Niedt, writing in today’s edition, says Town of DeWitt planners have been given a taste of Macerich’s plans for a facelift, and that the development commissioner find them “mouthwatering.” Comparisons are drawn to the renovation of the Rochester area’s Eastview mall- a strong favorite with shoppers there.

The Shoppingtown plan is something of a “back to the future”. Long ago, the center was a strip mall, anchored by a couple of department stores.


The reported plan is to demolish nearly everything between Sears and Dick’s Sporting Goods, and fill the gap with a new movie multiplex and some restaurants and stores new to CNY.

We’re not likely to see much resemblance between that, and this old view of Shoppingtown, either in the buildings, or the mid-1950’s cars parked outside. We’ll be watching to see what happens.


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