Little Angels, Big Record

After a very snowy week, what better time for Syracuse to go for the World Snow Angel Record? Trouble is, it might stand for all of two days, because North Dakota is not about to take a CNY win lying down. (Well, actually, they are.)

Here’s the deal: Thursday, February 15th, about 4,000 local schoolkids celebrate the annual Winterfest by going to a park, lying down and making snow angels. An extraordinary effort, but local organizers are not sure it’ll be good enough to make the next Guiness Book.


snow_angel.jpg“I’m hoping we can get a bigger number (than 4,000),” said Winterfest organizer Bill Cooper. “We’re like little Munchkins here, trying to pull this off with a few volunteers. They’ve got their whole state coming.”

The Syracuse Post-Standard

Well, okay, the North Dakotans say snow angel volunteers are coming from as far as 300 miles away, to the big lie-in in Bismarck on Saturday, February 17. But it’s a small state- population 642,200, according to the latest census. And with 790,000 people living in the five counties around Syracuse… well, we just might be flapping our wings this week in a slightly bigger way. Stay tuned.


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