Why Are These People Smiling?


Don’t they look like they’ve been rubbing their hands with glee?  No, actually, they’ve been rubbing their hands with nicotine.

That’s right, while you may have been killing germs with hand gel, they’ve been soaking in nicotine through their palms to ease that craving for a cigarette. Does Nicogel strike you as one of the most bizarre products ever?

The people in the picture enjoyed a “Gimme Three Days” promotional cruise, featuring Lynyrd Skynyrd, for Nicogel. New to the United States, this stuff has already been rolled out in 40 other countries.


The pitch is that when you can’t smoke nicotine, there’s no law against rubbing it on your hands.The makers advise one pack a day smokers to spread one packet, or “helping” of their product from a can on the hands. If you’re up to two packs, you may need two helpings to feel satisfied.

Nicogel says it’s doing smokers a favor, helping them to cope with widespread smoking restrictions. Health experts say it’s helping them to maintain a dangerous addiction.

The product  promises to be odor-free, but there are some warnings to be observed, like this one: “If a skin rash develops, or if the skin where you have applied Nicogel becomes swollen or very red, stop using Nicogel and see your doctor.”

The makers promise quick satisfaction: cravings eased within two minutes; the nicotine dose lasts up to four hours.  Isn’t science wonderful?



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