“Great Wisdom In Public Opinion”

Syracuse congressman Jim Walsh, who came very close to rejection by the voters in November, has joined the majority in Congress when it comes to the war in Iraq.

As mentioned here on Tuesday , Walsh’s five minutes of speaking time in the House debate on a non-binding resolution opposing the troop “surge” would be a key test of how his thinking on the war has changed. The “conversion” seems near-complete:

jim-walsh.jpg “The people of my New York district overwhelmingly supported this mission at its start, as did I. We still support its goals. We will always support our troops. But we do not support the continued build up of U.S. troops in Iraq.”

Rep. Jim Walsh

Read the full text of Walsh’s floor speech on the Iraq resolution, as reported by The Syracuse Post-Standard, here.

As for the views of other CNY members of Congress, freshman Democrat Michael Arcuri went further, saying Americans are “outraged with the present course in Iraq.” Republican John McHugh, whose district includes Fort Drum, said the negative impact of the resolution “would far outweigh whatever good it might achieve.”

In a letter of self-defense to the Post today on Iraq and other subjects, Walsh says “there is great wisdom in public opinion” and “we are all wise to listen to the voter.”

Update:  The resolution passed Friday afternoon, by a vote of 246 to 182.


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