We’re No Angels

Syracuse appears to have lost the fight for the Guinness Book’s snow angel world record by default this week.

Our bid for that distinction was cancelled by- what else?- too much snow. North Dakota went ahead with its statewide campaign to set the new world record, and came up with a total that’s hard to beat.

snowangelrecord.jpg8,910 people took the challenge lying down yesterday on the state capitol grounds in Bismarck. They ranged in age from a five month old in a car safety seat, spun around by her parents to make her mark in the snow, to a 99 year old woman who came out to make her first snow angel. Read all about it here.

Syracuse will just have to pick the right date on the calendar- and invite a lot of suburban angels- to have a shot at beating the North Dakotans. They created Guinness’s snow angel category, five years ago.


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