A Billion Gallons and Many Pages- Gone!

How dry they are in Auburn. The Post-Standard tells us there’s a 1.1 billion gallon discrepancy between the amount of Owasco Lake water treated last year, and the amount the city was able to bill for through its meters. That’s more than 40 percent of the total, and is apparently about to touch off a major leak detection survey.

poststandard.jpegAlso dripping away- and we hate to see it happen- is the number of pages in our morning newspaper. It’s particularly obvious in today’s editions of the Post, and not just because the stock markets were closed for Presidents Day. We know it’s being done to save paper and save money, because newspapers are under financial pressure from other media, including the kind you’re reading right now.

The paper says today that it’s assigning some employees full-time to Web duties, constantly updating stories and posting video and audio. Good move, but it probably should have come sooner. Some other local sites have a big head start on the newspaper in terms of multimedia and dedication of human resources.

The more ways we have to get our news, the more different voices we have telling the stories of our lives, the better off we all are. It would be a shame to see any of those sources shrink further, or one day disappear.


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