SU: Delighting In Downloads?

The recording industry is gunning for Syracuse University students, as it carries on what critics say is a futile campaign to control music piracy.

sucd.jpgThe Associated Press asked The Recording Industry Association of America for a list of the top 25 campuses for illegal downloading, and SU comes in at number 12. The RIAA is upping its numbers of complaints to colleges this year. So far, SU has logged 488. Not that administrators necessarily believe that Syracuse download totals are extraordinary.

Deborah Beishline, an information technology consultant in the security department at SU, disagreed with the RIAA rankings. “We can be put on a list, but we don’t know what they’re measuring or how they’re measuring it,” she said. The Syracuse Post-Standard

SU puts out a standard warning against file sharing on the University Web site , explaining the rules and the possible cost of violations.

Want to know more about Digital Rights Management, how the music industry has been trying to enforce its copyrights, and how its efforts are being opposed? Here’s the latest from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.


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