That’s A Lot Of Bully!

Serious issue, or much ado about little or nothing? That’s the question we could raise about so many controversies these days. The latest: Does it harm society if the owner of a minor league basketball franchise calls his new team the Syracuse Bullies?

syracusebullies.gifSince the original story appeared a few days ago, fans, bloggers and TV person-on-the-street interviewees have weighed in on the choice. The team mascot, as you can see, is a fierce looking bull, not a schoolyard tough guy. And is this any worse than the names of other ABA teams, including the Frenzy, the Undertakers, the Veneno (poison in Spanish), and the Razorsharks?

Given the history of minor league sports teams in Syracuse (the AHL Crunch being a notable exception), the Bullies may have to be super-tough just to survive in this sports market.

At the bottom of it all, if the purpose of promotion is to get people talking about what you’re selling, Bullies owner Nicholas Fritts has already done a big part of his job. Will he cave to criticism and change the name, if the uproar grows? That could depend on how much of a budget he’s got for logo art, and whatever other line of Bully he’s already paid for.

Your thoughts? They’re more than welcome. Click on comments below, and we’ll post them.


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