Health Inspectors Ratted Out

nyc-rats.jpegBy now, most of us have heard about the KFC-Taco Bell restaurant in New York City that was overrun by rats.

Now the Associated Press is reporting that the place was inspected the day before the video was shot. Hard to believe, especially after you get a good look at the tape.

Could you actually imagine there might be corruption in the restaurant health inspection system in the Big Ra…. I mean, Big Apple? A spokesman for the city health department says they’ll have to “carefully re-evaluate” last week’s inspection.

Legend has it that New York City has at least one rat for every human inhabitant- 8,000,000 of the little scurriers. If the same is true in Central New York cities, well… our odds of getting rid of them are equally bad, but at least we’re up against a smaller army of rats. Happy dining out!


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