Boys and Girls Together

ithacacollege.jpgThe Ithaca Journal tells us Ithaca College is one of only about 20 schools in the country offering coed living arrangements in on-campus housing. Students who choose it say most roommates are “just friends”- like minded people who get along well.

Cornell University says it’s considering coed living space, for a reason you might not have thought of:

“Cornell’s (Susan) Riley said traditional housing can be restrictive for trans-gendered students.

‘It forces students to have to identify as male or female and for some of our trans-gendered students, that may or may not fit into their self identity,” Riley said. “So when asked who they might be living with, we are asking them to make a decision about their sex.’”

The Ithaca Journal

But support for coed (seems like a quaint term these days, doesn’t it?) housing is far from unanimous. The Journal article quotes the dean of student services at Tompkins-Cortland Community College as saying, “Sounds like a complicated set of potential problems.”



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