They’re Alive! They’re Alive…

sugeorgetownap.gifto paraphrase Dr. Victor Frankenstein. The SU Orange finally assembled the spare parts and stitched them together to make a cohesive, winning team.

Last night it thrilled fans- who were booing the Orange in the Carrier Dome just a few weeks ago- with a 72 to 58 win over Georgetown. And, as the Washington Post put it today, that spelled “Carrier Doom” for the Hoyas’ 11 game winning streak.

“For large stretches, we got the looks but the ball didn’t go in,” (Georgetown coach John) Thompson said. “You can’t miss some of those shots on the road.”

“Demetris (Nichols), when he gets his good looks, he’s shooting as well as anybody in the country,” said Syracuse Coach Jim Boeheim, whose team became only the fourth to score at least 70 points against Georgetown this season.”

The Washington Post

All that remains is to crank open the roof of Castle Boeheim, raise the resurrected Orange skyward, and wait for tournament lightning to strike- as it now almost certainly will.



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