Department of Public Theft?

If the people who run or work for Oswego County’s Department of Public Works have been stealing, they’re scurrying to cover their tracks today, after county legislators began moving toward a full outside audit of the department that would look years into the past. Here’s the Oswego Daily News, quoting legislature chair Russ Johnson:

“Recent concerns have come to light over financial transactions and the disposition of public resources within the department,” he told the committee Tuesday. “These include, but may not be limited to, the unauthorized sale of scrap metal for cash over a several-year period, a number of uncollected receivables and aviation fuel that is unaccounted for.”

An estimated 12,000 gallons of fuel, in fact. Is Oswego County CNY’s all-around corruption champ, or does it just get the most publicity?


One Response to Department of Public Theft?

  1. DetectiveKate says:

    A thieving police chief, a mayor with a penchant for troubled teenaged girls, and now a DPW with questionable ethics…maybe it’s time for Oswego residents to clean house and start entirely anew.

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