A Drink and A “Do”

sakebar.jpgFrom Ithaca, which has cornered CNY’s market on colorful concepts, comes an idea that seems to be a “first” here- or maybe anywhere: a hair salon and sake bar combo.

We are not making this up. It’s the City Style Salon in Collegetown, where you can order drinks while getting your hair coiffed by day, and switch to pure party mode when it becomes a nightclub after sunset.

A ribbon cutting, the Ithaca Journal tells us, is set for 5 o’clock Friday afternoon.

“The salon is a full service hair salon featuring high end hair services, manicures, pedicures, and full body waxing. Their bar offers beer, wine, champagne and a large selection of sake, including mixed saketinis. The bar services both salon and bar clientele during the day, and at night the entire space converts into a nightclub atmosphere with a lounge, bar, music and room for dancing.”

College students are said to be enthusiastic about giving it a try. The salon-bar’s owner says it’ll be a place “to die for.”

Well, only if they mix the sake with hair dye or permanent waving lotion.


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