From Snow, To Ice, To Flood?

For the winter-weary, there’s no doubt about it: spring is on the way. Warmer weather’s moving in, after that ice storm early Friday morning that closed and delayed schools and brought down some power lines.

As temperatures rise into the mid-40’s, the federal government is literally throwing cold water on our impending bout of spring fever by sounding an alarm. The runoff from last month’s snow has to go somewhere:

icy-trees.jpg“…prepare now for possible flooding. With reported accumulation of up to 12 feet, the high snow pack could mean an increased potential for flooding in the event of rapid melting, according to the National Weather Service. Residents can begin to take steps now to protect their home and assets from rising floodwaters at any time.”

FEMA News Release

It’s certainly prudent to be ready for flooding, but when the 12 feet of snow is described as “reported,” you have to wonder how in touch with the situation Washington really is.

This does, after all, come from FEMA. Motto: Help is on the way- just hang in there for a few days.


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