Money: Sometimes “Easy Come,” Always “Easy Go”

megamillions.jpgGot your Mega Millions ticket yet? What, are the odds against winning Tuesday night’s $340,000,000 jackpot- millions to one- slowing you down?

The multi-state lottery claims you have a one in 40 chance of winning at least something, so get that dollar-and-a-dream feeling, okay?


Of course, you could always work for your money. We reach out across the Atlantic today for an upstate New York success story. Clothing designer Tommy Hilfiger, after some reverses in America, is now trying to conquer Europe. His business started in high school:


“Inspired by the style of the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin, Hilfiger grew his hair long and started wearing bell-bottoms and vests and other ‘cool-looking’ clothes.

‘The girls went crazy,’ says Hilfiger, who cheerfully admits to spending hours studying how rock stars looked on their album covers. Before long his friends were haranguing him to know where he got his clothes. ‘I said, “OK, I can get you the stuff.” I drove my VW down to St Mark’s Place in New York, loaded it up, brought it back to Elmira and sold it to my friends.'”

The Daily Telegraph

Nice bio piece, courtesy of the Brits, about a kid who liked to stand out in a crowd, and used it to make his fortune.

Finally, standing out is exactly what you don’t want to do when you file your income taxes this year- or any other. It’s a process fraught with temptation to cook your personal books- or at least slightly simmer them. Here’s some good advice on why that’s a terrible idea: tax pitfalls for all to avoid.


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