Going To See The Governor

nyscapitol.jpegThey’ve toured the state, making their points about jobs and the economy. Now, they’re taking their message to Eliot Spitzer.

They call their movement “Unshackle New York.” Not the most elegant title ever, but with it comes an explanation:

Michael McGowan said his decades-old construction company struggles daily to overcome the challenges of doing business in New York state.

“We stay in business now only because of our track record,” he said. “If I wanted to start the business today I wouldn’t be able to.”

Unshackle Upstate is a coalition of more than 40 business and trade organizations, representing more than 25,000 companies that employ more than one million people. Its mantra is, “We want our economy moving.
Not our people.”

“It’s more than a clever campaign,” McGowan said. “It’s a cry for help.”

The Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin

Governor Spitzer has hired an economic “czar” who will focus all of his attention on upstate New York, but the man is still learning his job. McGowan and others in the movement want assurances that Spitzer knows what the region needs, and is committed to delivering it.


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