“Systems of Dress”

That’s what Nike calls the new uniforms the Orange will wear, and some will say that “dress” is the key word here. new-uniforms.gif

Below a tight superhero-style jersey, SU’s team and many others will wear what could be called a pair of long culottes (shorts made to look like a skirt).

When you’re dressed like this and trying to win a fiercely competitive basketball game, it might help to wear a stern, determined face- as the Nike model is doing here.

But when the other team is dressed exactly the same way, any temptation for them to point and laugh is erased. And some members of the Orange squad can’t wait to wear their “dress systems” on the court.

Think of the ancient Scottish warriors in their kilts- it never paid to laugh at them. As always, your comments are invited.


4 Responses to “Systems of Dress”

  1. NYCO says:

    Ha! And here I thought I was the only one who thought it looked like a dress!

    Another interesting, perhaps girlifying feature: covering up the arms with the tight-fitting sleeves. The pic I saw in today’s paper had the sleeves going all the way down to the wrists. Is it such a good idea to cover up the rippling biceps here?

  2. […] noticed that CNY Circus agrees with me about the proposed new SU basketball uniforms from Nike. […]

  3. Josh says:

    Assuming they wear these things today, we’ll find out, but…I’m guessing the players will opt to wear looser-fitting versions (except maybe Paul Harris, who is at least as jacked as the model), and most probably won’t go with the long sleeves.

    I think it was UniWatch who called them dresses. From Page 2:

    If you’re going to the Dance, you might as well have a new gown. Nike’s taking that concept rather literally with a set of new uniforms that Syracuse, Florida, Ohio State and Arizona will wear in the conference and NCAA tourneys — yeesh. The new template is called the Nike System of Dress, which is appropriate, since the tight-on-top, billowy-on-bottom tailoring looks more like a dress than a basketball uniform.

  4. Mrs Mecomber says:

    Do these outfits come with matching accessories? Say, a handbag?

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