Which One Of You Is McNamara?

Whatever their attire, two teams will be looking for a hero this afternoon at Madison Square Garden. The SU Orange and the UConn Huskies both wish for a player who will put on a superhuman performance, lead his team to victory in the Big East tournament, and prove that they belong in the NCAA tourney, too. Does the name McNamara ring a bell?

uconngmac.jpg “Syracuse did it last year,” UConn coach Jim Calhoun said Monday. “I’m not making us out to be a team that’s ready to win four straight games. But, could we? Sure. The Syracuse team we played right near the stretch (last year) was not that good a basketball team at that point in time. But they had four great days, led by one of the great performances in Big East history in the McNamara Big East Tournament, I’ll call it.”

The Journal Inquirer

After you check out the link above, flesh out the scouting report on the Huskies with the Connecticut Post’s take on UConn’s readiness for this year’s Big East showdown. Their coach says they’ve got the ability but, like the Orange earlier in the regular season, it’s the team’s determination that may be in doubt.


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