Dressed To Win?

The uniforms are new, but it’s the same old feeling for Orange coach Jim Boeheim- a chance for another of his SU teams to share in post-season glory, and a chance to enjoy his pivotal role in helping the latest crop of young athletes to achieve more than they thought possible. About that clothing:


The tight fitting, retro look didn’t impress the Boeheim too much.

“He’s been wearing the same thing for 30 years,” said the senior forward Demetris Nichols. “He doesn’t care.”

What Boeheim cares about is the Orange’s new look on the court. After a shaky start to the season that saw the Orange lose twice at home to mid-major teams, Boeheim’s team is starting to look sharp.

The New York Times

The coach feels it coming together again- “We got all the ingredients to be a good tournament team,” he tell The Times.

Not just the Big East tournament, he hopes, but the NCAA, too. Wednesday’s win allows the Orange to harbor the hope that they just might go all the way, despite all the sportscasters’ gentle gibes about the new “System of Dress” and gold-trimmed sneakers that looked as if they might have come from the Imelda Marcos shoe collection.

The team members know it very well now: They have to play- as well as dress- to impress.


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