Friends of The Earth

If you’ve visited both Ithaca and Burlington, Vermont, you know that the two cities have a lot in common: College towns with hilly terrain, a nice waterfront, thriving pedestrian malls, and people who like to have fun.

Now, Country Home magazine tells us, they are also the most eco-friendly places in America. Burlington leads the magazine’s top ten; Ithaca is number two.

ithaca.jpgThe survey will be published in the magazine’s April issue, which hits newsstands March 20. Country Home, with a circulation of about 1.25 million, is a sister publication to Better Homes and Gardens and Ladies’ Home Journal.

“It reflects efforts on the part of the city and the people who live here to move in the right direction in terms of being green,” said Burlington Mayor Bob Kiss. “It’s great to have third parties making those assessments recognize it.”

Burlington got high marks for the way its people, businesses and government value a green lifestyle and make it a priority, the magazine said.

AP/The Ithaca Journal

Both Burlington and Ithaca, for their size, have many farmers’ markets and natural food stores and co-ops, good mass transit systems, and a lot of people who either walk to work or work at home, keeping energy use and pollution low along the beautiful shores of Vermont’s Lake Champlain, and New York’s Cayuga Lake. Just the latest CNY “claim to fame.”


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