A Better Online “You”

What ever happened to meeting new people in person? Maybe it’s just that when you post a dating profile online, you have more control.

No chance for mistakes in grooming, dress, speech or behavior to stop that possible new relationship dead in its tracks. And now, for those who don’t feel their writing, composition and photography skills are enough to showcase them at their best online, there are Web dating image consultants.

The New York Times tells us they will write your profile, Photoshop your picture, or even take a new professional portrait.


dating.jpg“As online dating has gotten more popular, the more people have to do to get attention,” said Mindy Stricke, owner of SingleShots.com, a New York business that has produced 1,000 profile portraits, at prices from $130 to $300. “There’s a lot of anxiety around this purchase because there’s no guarantees. But a lot of people, especially in New York, are willing to go the extra mile.”

The article says overall prices for online dating help in the big city range from $39 to $2,000. If you shell out at the upper end of that price range, you’re going to be expecting one spectacular date.


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