Orange Rejection: An Unhealthy Obsession?

Cards Vs. OrangeMost us us agree that the death of Syracuse’s basketball hopes for this season deserved a suitable period of mourning. But can it please end today?

The Post Standard headlines today’s sports section “Disappointment: Day 2.” Two full days, but we found out Sunday evening that SU was rejected by the NCAA, didn’t we?

The paper includes a long dialogue between Coach Boeheim and an ESPN Radio host, fussing over the fine points of why the Orange didn’t make the NCAA tournament. Been there, done that. Then there’s the story of the disappointed restaurant owner who won’t be able to peddle his planned pizza-and-wings special to NCAA fans. Well, hold the cholesterol for another occasion.

Here are the best things SU basketball fans can do now: hold onto hope for next season, and go watch their team take on South Alabama at the Dome Wednesday night in the NIT. Tickets are only ten dollars, and if the Orange has come out of mourning for itself by then, it might be a pretty good game.

Agree? Disagree? Your comments, as always, are invited.


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