Crowd Makes Noise, Orange Makes Points

The period of NCAA mourning came to a timely end at the Dome Wednesday night. Sadness became determination, and the loss of a chance to join the “Big Dance” turned into a joyous NIT victory.

After the lead kept changing hands in the first half, the South Alabama Jaguars opened up a 9 point advantage in the second, and then went into a scoreless daze for more than seven minutes as the Orange surged ahead, urged on by the roar of nearly 17,000 fans.

SU was out in front by 11 when the South Alabama squad regained some fight, but Syracuse hung in to win it, 79 to 73.

34 of SU’s points belong to Eric Devendorf, and fans who booed their own SU team not so long ago were not shy about helping him celebrate. Those ten dollar NIT tickets turned out to be a pretty good investment.

Maybe even more fans will take advantage of the bargain Monday, when the Orange takes on San Diego State at the Dome. Tickets are now on sale.

For more on South Alabama game, here’s what the newspaper sports writers are saying in Syracuse and Alabama.


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