Cultured Celebrities

You know how cultured pearls are made, don’t you? You pry open the shell of a live oyster and put a little bit of stone inside. Put back in the water for some months, with any luck, the oyster grows a pearl- pretty much the real thing.

Well, in today’s celebrity-mad culture, the celebrities don’t even have to be real to create excitement. A bit of resemblance to a famous person, along with the right clothing, hairstyle and maybe some makeup do the trick.

And the resulting “celebrities” have been turning out in large numbers, to win a spot on what you might call a new un-reality show.

Waiting in the line were Madonna, President George W. Bush, Roseanne Barr, David Letterman, Paris Hilton, Whitney Houston and many more. Robert De Niro kissed Roseanne hello, and the president and Madonna
posed for a photograph.

The New York Times

Check out the Times article on who else wasn’t really there, and when the best of their doubles will hit the airwaves. You may have to register (free), but we think you’ll enjoy it.


One Response to Cultured Celebrities

  1. Ughhhhhhh. Now there are TWO or MORE of them?? Is there no justice in the world?

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