Spring Is Here… Isn’t It?

The people of Saranac Lake may have some doubt about the arrival of the new season. When they woke up on this first full day of spring, their thermometers read 14 below zero.

Chilly all around, but with 50’s- maybe even 60- forecast for tomorrow, we seem to have turned the corner on an intense winter that arrived late and packed more than ten feet of snow into six weeks. Syracuse, with nearly 130 inches on the season, had at least some snow every day for 44 days (not that we need to remind you of that). Of course, some places on the Tug Hill plateau had that much in just a week or so, when things were at their worst.

goldensnowball.jpegSo it appears that once again, winter’s most dubious honor will be ours- Syracuse will collect the Golden Snowball trophy. Check out the chart on the Golden Snowball site, and you’ll see that Rochester, trailing Syracuse by almost 30 inches, is our closest competitor- they’ll never catch us.

If this early spring season is a normal one, we could get another foot or so of snow, scattered through the next few weeks. But there are those of us who hope spring will be what winter was- the warmest on record.


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