Tired of The President?

Polls indicate that a lot of Americans can’t wait to see George W. Bush replaced. Well, it looks as if we’ll have a chance to be tired of the next president, months before he or she is even elected.

rudyhillary.jpgNew York, by vote of the legislature and the expected signature of Governor Eliot Spitzer, joins in moving its presidential primaries up to February 5, 2008- the day at least 70% of the nation’s registered Republicans and Democrats will have a chance to state their preferences for presidential candidates. The Empire State is joining in, to give a leg up to the two front runners, native son Rudolph Giuliani and adopted daughter Hillary Clinton.

The two New Yorkers lead national polls in the race for the Republican and Democratic presidential nominations.

“Changing New York’s primary date to February will provide voters with an early voice in the selection of presidential candidates and restore New York’s input into choosing the most important office of our democracy,” said state Senate Republican Majority Leader Joseph Bruno.

The Washington Post

So, on February 6th of next year, we may very well know which two candidates we’ll be choosing between in November, and the summertime party conventions may be occasions for party leaders to party, and not much else.

We’ll have nine months to decide which of the two candidates we’ll be less tired of, after they’ve served four years in office. If there’s a way to inject new life into the process of choosing a president, this does not seem to be it.


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