Big Brothers, Big Sister

It seems YouTube has just gotten too big for its busy little video screen. The monster hit of online TV, already facing a billion-dollar lawsuit by Viacom, is under attack now from another angle: NBC Universal and News Corporation, in a deal with Yahoo, AOL and Microsoft, will set up a new video service to distribute their content, and attempt to freeze out YouTube.


YouTube, of course, is owned by Google, a company that’s made a lot of smart decisions, while other “Big Brothers” of media have stumbled. Yahoo has fallen behind Google in search and advertising, Microsoft’s Web failures are too numerous to mention, and it must be especially galling to Rupert Murdock’s News Corp. that YouTube got its start on one of its prime properties, MySpace. That’s part of the reason MySpace is now cracking down on creative use of outside software by those who maintain pages there.

Stay tuned to see where all this is going, and whether the user-power of millions- plus the deep pockets of Google- can keep YouTube on top. Its online video market share, at last count, was just under 55 percent.

On now to one of the most popular YouTube videos of the moment, and the revelation of where it came from. A man named Philip De Vellis has resigned from a Washington D.C. media firm called Blue State Digital, after confirming that he was the creator of the Hillary Clinton “Big Sister” spot- a mashup of the famous 1984 Apple commercial, and some speech video that casts Clinton in the role of Maximum Leader of a totalitarian society.

The fact that Blue State has been handling online media for her fellow senator and chief rival in the presidential race, Barack Obama, leaves him and them in the position of saying over and over again, “We had nothing to do with it.”

Here’s the spot, for your viewing, or re-viewing:


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