Wired Dorm Phones? Why?

Wired telephones are about to become an expensive option in Syracuse University dorm rooms and apartments. They’ve just outlived their usefulness, the school says:

cellphoneuse.jpgLandline phones are going to be discontinued,” said Paul Gandel, chief information officer and vice president for Information Technology Services. “We found that most people don’t really use the phones, so we decided it’s kind of silly to force people to pay for something that a majority of the students aren’t using anymore.”

The Daily Orange

In case of emergency, wired phones will still be available on every floor; students who want one in their rooms will have to pay $75 for installation, and $70 a semester for service. The University, understandably, doesn’t expect to have many takers for that offer.

And if anyone feels the loss of last-century phone service very deeply, there’s a sweetener to this change: At the same time, SU is about to build wireless Web access into all dorms and its South Campus apartments- with the usual warnings of course, against using it to touch off more threatened lawsuits from the music industry.


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