Brangelina and Good Green Gossip

So much gossip writing these days is mean spirited, and so often based on half-truths (sure, I know- that’s a good part of what we seem to love about it.)

brangelina.jpgBut Michael de Estries has a whole new approach to gossip- an eco-friendly one. It’s his way of spreading the word about making the planet healthier, while capitalizing on our fascination with celebrities. He and his like-minded team post to, the place to find out when your favorite pretty people- yes, even Brad and Angelina- are doing good, as well as partying and cashing those big checks.

He runs Ecorazzi with Rebecca Carter, who’s in Miami, and with 15 bloggers scattered around the world, including the Philippines. So far, they do it for love, but he hopes that will change and he can eventually pay these writers.

“We’re lucky to be in a position (with the Internet) to be in Ithaca and in Hollywood, on the red carpet,” he said. “With the Web, it’s great because you can have 24-hour coverage.”

The Ithaca Journal

Can you name another gossip site that’s had much to say about Pitt and Jolie that’s positive? Ecorazzi says the couple has just donated $100,000 to help build a medical clinic in Sudan. It’ll be run by one of the “Lost Boys” from that country, John Dau, who’s been living in Syracuse. He’s the focus of a Pitt-produced documentary now in CNY theaters, titled “God Grew Tired of Us.”

Michael de Estries and his fellow Ecorazzis show no sign of growing tired in their mission. And, like what they report, that seems to be a good thing.


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