The Bigger The Burger…

the better the burger! That was the opening line of a long-ago Burger King jingle. But in the years since, we’ve gotten so much more health conscious and wise in our knowledge of fat and calories, haven’t we?

Well, maybe we did for a while. But all that has apparently worn off, as California fast food chains compete to see who can make- and most skilfully market- a bigger burger. Their urge to keep the hamburger customers satisfied is strong, since beef on a bun still makes up about half of the fast food business.

third-pounderjamie-rector.jpg So open wide for the latest Left Coast offering from McDonald’s, and from other hamburger chains vying with one another to see just how big a burger will sell, and at what price.

The Angus Third Pounder is being tested in California. It tastes like a really big, super-sized Big N’ Tasty. The patty is a little bit like a bigger, better Quarter Pounder.

The question is, What took so long? When it comes to so-called premium burgers, McDonald’s is following the herd.

Jane Wells, CNBC

The three versions of McDonald’s Third Pounder are the Angus Deluxe, Angus Mushroom & Swiss, and the Angus Bacon & Cheese. They each cost $3.99, and if you care about calories and have one of these for lunch, better eat sparingly for the rest of the day. The count is between 720 and 860 calories just for the sandwich, depending on which version you order. Want fries with that? And a regular soda? Figure on 1,200 or more calories at one sitting (or is that “stuffing”?)

Is CNY ready for this? West Coast market research, you can feel certain, will show that we are. As Emeril Lagasse might say, “Another notch!” This time, of course, he’d be talking about your belt.


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