High-Dive Cruising

You’ve seen the commercials for “adventure” cruises- they’ve got climbing walls on the ship, water skiiing in a pool, jetskis you can ride near shore- all kinds of things to supplement the constant eating and drinking the big boats offer up.

But now some passengers seem to be cruising for a bruising, or much worse, by taking a header off the balconies of their staterooms into the ocean. Last Friday, a man from Orlando got drunk and jumped 60 feet into the ocean from a cruise ship near the Bahamas. Amazingly, he was not too badly hurt and was rescued, after his 300 pound bulk acted as a fatty flotation device.

grandprincess.jpgNow, another plunge, another survival story. A young couple went off their balcony on the Grand Princess in the Gulf of Mexico Sunday. Again, a fall of about 60 feet (this video doesn’t show the actual fall), and rescue after four hours in the water.

If Princess Cruises knows what the two were drinking or doing, it won’t say- of course, they’re afraid of getting sued. We also don’t know what the consequences, if any, will be for the falling fools who disrupted things for the other passengers and crew.

Part of the danger here is that people might start to believe they can do this intentionally and survive, based on the the record of the past few days. The truth is that generally, if the fall off a big ship doesn’t kill you, hypothermia, drowning or a hungry sea creature probably will.


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