Fake I.D. Business Gets A Boost

When was the last time a bar near the SU campus was raided by police for underage drinking based on fake ID cards?

We’ll tell you- it was more than a year ago. The Daily Orange explains what happened to “Operation Prevent,” the push that sent Syracuse cops into University Hill bars:

New York state no longer funds the program, once sponsored by the New York State Liquor Authority and the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee. Operation Prevent financially supported nine bar raids – in which more than 250 fake IDs were confiscated – to curtail underage drinking in the university area during a three-year period beginning Feb. 8, 2003.

The paper quotes city police as saying there might be some new raids, but they remain a vague possibility. If government decides policing fake ID cards is a priority, the cops will be back. If not, some campus computers will keep running overtime, to crank out those bogus tavern tickets.


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