Groundbreaking? What Groundbreaking?

After all the fake publicity of years past, Destiny USA has decided to forgo the golden shovels and the speechmaking this time around. Today’s Post Standard informs us that work on the expansion of Carousel Center has already begun, with the moving-around of some dirt and construction machinery.

destinyusa.jpgSubtlety is called for, after a charade of a groundbreaking back in 2002, on the eve of George Pataki’s last re-election as governor.

In another development, a couple of dozen “Destiny USA workers,” some of the people the developers hired as cheerleaders to boost public sympathy for the project, have been put back on the payroll.

So the expansion, we now presume, will go ahead. Tax breaks will be collected, and there will be more stores and restaurants tacked onto Carousel Center. As for the grand vision of Destiny, go to the project’s Web site, watch the intro, and see if it squares at all with what you know about the now scaled-down project. You may note, also, that the last press release you’ll see on the site is dated October of 2006.

Sometimes, when you’ve talked too much, promised too much and asked too much, it is better to just keep quiet.


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