The Outlaws of Digital Photography?

If you buy a Kodak digital camera and start to have trouble with it, don’t go crying to the Better Business Bureau. In a rare move for a large corporation, the Rochester-based photo giant has quit the BBB before it could be dumped by the consumer protection group.

“We notified Kodak in February that we felt like we had no choice but to initiate expulsion based on their refusal to participate in the complaint process. Rather than go through expulsion, Kodak decided to resign,” said Steve Cox, vice president of communications at the CBBB (Council of Better Business Bureaus).

Kodak said it left the organization because it did not like the way the BBB was handling consumer complaints concerning its digital cameras.

“After years of unproductive discussions with the local office regarding their Web site postings about Kodak, which in our view were consistently inaccurate, we came to the conclusion that their process added no value to our own,” Brian O’Connor, the chief privacy officer at Eastman Kodak, said in a statement.

What does this mean to you if your Kodak camera breaks down? Probably not a lot, but you’d think a company up against so much strong foreign competition would not let a dumb feud with a local better business tarnish its… uh, image.


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