Love CNY? Drive The “Syracuse”

Here at the Circus, anything with the name “Syracuse” attached to it makes us sit up and take notice. So we were more than impressed when we heard of this high-end, environment-friendly Syracuse sports car in development, across the pond over in Wales.

syracuse-coupe.gifThat’s right, the company is Connaught, the revival of an old British make, and they’re building gasoline engine and hybrid versions of the Type D GT Syracuse. This is a hot ride- a V-10 supercharged engine delivering 300 horsepower in a little four passenger coupe. The company claims the hybrid version will get 42 miles per gallon, do 0-60 in 6.2 seconds, and have a top speed of 150 mph.

Okay, you’re wondering where the “Syracuse” name came from? Did the guys who brought back this brand grow up here, or go to SU?

Sorry, no. The name dates back to 1955, when Tony Brooks became the first British driver to take a Formula One title in a car made in his homeland. It was a Connaught, and the race was in Syracuse, Sicily. It’s okay, CNY- if you want to, go ahead and feel proud, anyway.


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