Love Your Newspaper? Then Don’t Panic!

Like to get your news online? On TV or radio? Okay, so do we here at CNY Circus. But as we’ve written before, sometimes there’s no substitute for having the news tucked into your mailbox or tossed onto your front porch.

So it was with some sadness that we read about a seminar at SU’s Newhouse School this week- big time newspaper execs talking about how the financial world is spreading panic that their business is in the terminal stages of failure.

newspaperpress.jpg“I think there is a sense of panic among many” publishers, McClatchy Co. Chief Executive Gary Pruitt said at a discussion of the future of newspapers sponsored by Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications.

Publishers and their investors are spooked by a litany of negative news such as falling share prices and the perception that papers are an endangered species, he said.

“The inevitable conclusion is that newspapers are dead. It’s inescapable. How can it be any other way?” he said.


Well, stop the presses- or better still, keep them rolling. Newspapers will find a way to survive, despite their shrinkage in pages and staff, and their belated attempts, now, to jump on the Web and try to make up lost revenue here.

We refer you to some of CNY Circus’s earlier thoughts on this subject, and to The Syracuse Post Standards Jeff Kramer. He’s a humor writer, but this recent column shows that Jeff- though he may be kissing the hand that feeds him in this case- knows who actually gathers the news, as opposed to those of us who do more commenting than reporting.


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