Food, Religion and Good Taste

chocolatejesus.jpgIt’s not the first time the figure of Jesus Christ has been rendered in chocolate, but it’s controversial enough to get an exhibit at a New York City art gallery cancelled.

Sculptor Cosimo Cavallaro’s “My Sweet Lord” is a life-sized, naked Jesus. Christians- mostly Catholics, in this case- have no taste for it.

The artwork, fashioned from more than 200 pounds of milk chocolate, presented Christ with his arms outstretched as though nailed to an invisible cross. The Cavallaro creation, in contrast with typical religious portrayals of Christ, did not include a loincloth.

Word of the milk chocolate Christ infuriated Catholics, including (Cardinal Edward) Egan, who described it as “a sickening display.”


In another pre-Easter food fracas, KFC is still waiting for an answer from Pope Benedict- and will probably wait for all eternity.

Late last month, the fast food chain asked for a papal endorsement of its Fish Snacker, “a tender, flaky filet of 100 percent Alaskan Pollack topped with tangy tartar sauce and served on a warm sesame bun.”

Someone writing releases for KFC went so far as to call the sandwich a “modern take on ‘loaves and fishes’ for today’s Lenten observers.”
Yes, they’re still waiting to hear from the Holy Father on that one. But don’t be surprised if you hear of a KFC or two being struck by lightning.


One Response to Food, Religion and Good Taste

  1. Well, at least the offense it isn’t against Islam. Because we all know that if an “artist” fashioned obscene cartoon pictures of Mohammed, the so-called tolerant groups would NOT ever have fits of violent riots and threaten murder… oh wait, that DOES happen.

    Well, at least the offense isn’t against Judaism. Because we all know that if a “writer” spoke out negative words toward the Jews, some so-called tolerant groups would NEVER cry “anti-Semitism” and NEVER sic the Anti-Defamation League and ACLU on people… oh wait, that DOES happen.

    Oh well, it’s only these “intolerant” Christians who are getting their religion mocked. Who cares about them, right? We all know that these “intolerant” Christians might start riots, burn buildings, kill people, and incite leagues of lawyers to attack with endless litigation. Right?

    Well, in all truth, the Catholic Church of old did get down and dirty. But Protestantism (Biblical faith) has sure tamed the civilized masses these past 500 years…

    Good post.

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