High Rollers Brought Low

A couple of gamblers who rolled the dice and lost, wound up in big trouble with the law this week. One was Rhison Williams from Syracuse, who police say is not the kind of guy you should offer a test drive to.

NewsChannel 9 tells us Williams sped away from an Infiniti delaership on West Genesee Street Friday with a $57,000 car, and drove to a James Street jewelry store, where he tried on a $6,200 bracelet and walked out with it. Police spotted the car, arrested Williams, and got the merchandise back. Nice try, though.

casino.jpgAnother high roller was successful, up to a point. James Locastro’s neighbors in Clay thought he was just rolling driveways, in the paving business he ran out of his home. But he was also racking up $900,000 in gambling winnings.

His mistake, federal prosecutors tell The Post Standard, was in not telling the IRS about that. It’s one of those stories the feds love to roll out, as income tax deadline day approaches. They point out that Locastro could spend six years in prison if he’s found guilty. A timely warning, although gambling and coming out nearly a million bucks ahead is not a problem many of us have.


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