Pet Python Launches Google Search

Googleplex East– the Manhattan office of the Web search giant- is at peace again, after a couple of days of searching for a 3-foot python named Kaiser. googlesnake.jpg

The search ended quietly and safely for the python- unlike the snake hunt pictured in this parody logo, cobbled up by a “Simpsons” fan. But no amount of Google searching will tell you how the snake got into the building. The company will not confirm a report that Kaiser was the pet of an employee, and lived in the worker’s office. A Google spokeswoman did say that the employee has taken his snake home.

It’s well known that pets are welcome, at times, in Google offices. But when you Google up the company’s pet policy, it mentions only dogs, and puts strict limits on their presence at work:

To be respectful of all workers at Google, while attempting to allow Google employee dog owners the ability to bring dogs to work when appropriate, the following policy will apply:

* Approval from your manager prior to bringing a dog to work. Bringing a dog, or other pet, to work should be viewed as a temporary solution. Appropriate exceptions for service animals are permitted to
provide accessibility for people with disabilities.

* Dog owner needs to check with manager, team members, and neighbors prior to bringing the pet to work.

* Any employee with any concerns may speak to Google’s Human Resources department confidentially.

Google Investor Relations Web Site

If Kaiser The Python did live full-time at the New York office, it appears no one had that confidential talk with H.R., or that concerns were ignored. Reports are that some workers wouldn’t use the bathrooms while the python was on the loose, fearing they might be confronted by the snake while they weren’t in a position to run away. Kaiser, seemingly unaware of the fuss his slitherings caused, was finally found behind a cabinet, where, a spokeswoman said, he was “relaxing.”

This might be a good time for Google to freshen up that pet policy, while it continues to pursue domination of the online world. A Daily Orange writer has some thoughts here on what the company has achieved, as it prepares to celebrate its tenth birthday later this year.



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  1. Caresse says:

    Good for people to know.

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