Riding Toward The Sunset

It’s just a nice story, for an Easter Sunday when the weather in CNY could be a whole lot better, and our setback in the shift toward spring is weighing a lot of people down.

taxito-arizona.gifIt’s about retired New York City couple Betty and Bob Matas, headed for a new life in Sedona, Arizona but unsure of how to get there. Neither of them drives, and they were not sure their two beloved cats would survive in the cargo hold of a plane.

Enter Douglas Guldeniz, a cabbie who happened to bring the couple home from a shopping trip a few weeks ago. They got talking about the Arizona trip, and little by little a plan took shape.

“We said, ‘Do you want to come?'” Bob recalled. “And he said, ‘Sure.’

“We were just going along with him as a gag,” Bob said.

But by the time Guldeniz pulled up in front of the Matases’ home, the idea didn’t seem so nuts.

Cleo and Pretty Face could ride in the back luggage area of the SUV in twin travel cases. Guldeniz is charging the Matases a flat fee of $3,000 – though they will also pay for his gas, meals and lodging.

Guldeniz would drive about 10 hours a day, following the mover’s rented U-Haul so Betty, a retired executive administrative assistant, could keep an eye on their possessions.

They would enjoy the scenery, read the local papers, listen to music and have pleasant conversation.

“My wife likes to talk,” Bob said matter-of-factly.

The New York Daily News

The cabbie, tired of stop-and-go city driving, gets to rest his pedal foot and enjoy new scenery, and the Matases have a pleasant start to their new life. Everybody’s happy- even, presumably, the cats.


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