Taxiing To Sedona

We told you here, a couple of weeks ago, about the westward journey of Bob and Betty Matas, New York City retirees setting off for their new home in Arizona by taxi. Fear for the well-being of their two cats in an airplane cargo hold- and the fact that neither of them drives- brought about the long distance cab ride.

The couple expected to have fun, riding with their new taxi driver-friend, and they did. Their celebrity preceded them:

taxito-arizona.gif Matas said he was “flabbergasted” by the attention surrounding the couple’s trip. Passers-by recognized them when they saw the New York cab, he said.

“Every state that we hit, people would say ‘Are you the ones?’ and we would say ‘Yes, we are the ones,’ ” Matas said.

The Associated Press

Bob and Betty are staying in a hotel for a few days, while a friend who moved their furniture and some local helpers get their new home in Sedona set up. And how will they get there? You guessed it- by taxi.


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