VA Tech: Condolences and Concerns

Central New York colleges are among those taking a fresh look at their security plans, after the senseless shootings that left more than 30 people dead on the Virginia Tech campus Monday.

As investigators clarify the details and more victims, badly wounded, struggle to recover, SU Chancellor Nancy Cantor has sent condolences southward and offered counseling to Syracuse University students, should they feel the need for

As the Syracuse Post Standard points out today, there are CNY ties to the Clarksburg, Virginia campus. This Associated Press photograph shows a close friend of Katie Cox of Manlius, who’s also a Tech student, being carried from the classroom building invaded by the gunman. Kristina Heeger, who plans to be one of Cox’s roommates next year, was badly wounded but is expected to recover.

The crimes against the Virginia campus make students and parents wonder how safe and secure Syracuse University- or any other school- can be.

Interim Chief of Public Safety Tony Callisto said SU is prepared for unexpected violent incidents like Monday’s events at Virginia Tech as best as it can be.

“Every incident results in learning for the next time,” he said.

Public Safety officers are trained in active shooting scenarios in case they would ever need to go after an armed suspect, Callisto said. They are also all trained as peace officers, meaning they are armed.

The Daily Orange

On this day after the shootings, there are reports of growing outrage among Virginia Tech students and parents. They’re saying that more could have been done to prevent the gunman’s classroom building rampage, after he took two lives at a dormitory. In hindsight, that seems obvious. The criticism serves an important purpose if it brings changes that will save lives in the future, when the unthinkable happens on a college campus.



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