Question Policy: Tell, Don’t Ask

A doctor and his wife, whose backyard disappeared in a landslide several years ago, have a case of upload fever.

girl-manlius.jpgJoseph and Marcia Novek blame their town government for the steep cliff outside their back door, and in a series of YouTube videos, they’re campaigning bitterly against a Manlius Town Board policy that bars questions from the public at its meetings.

There is a comment period, but the board claims it’s within its legal rights to draw a firm line between comments and questions. Click on the “little girl” to see what she has to say about this.

The Noveks are not alone in their campaign. They’ve got a curmudgeon or two on their side, and those critics of “tell, don’t ask” are also featured in online video of their rants at the board meetings.

The Syracuse Post Standard says the Noveks have the owner of Tipp Hill Video helping them with shooting, editing and posting. Walter Paluch is one more ally who believes the couple got a raw deal.

The couple lost a court case that attempted to blame the town for the landslide. But that was just one battle in a war that shows no sign of a ceasefire- in town meetings, or online.


One Response to Question Policy: Tell, Don’t Ask

  1. Excellent information. Thanks for the heads up. The same thing is happening in New Hartford, and, I suspect, in many other places in Upstate.

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