Import Hazards: People Food, Too?

Yesterday, we passed along The New York Times findings about contaminated pet food additives from China. Today, also from the Times, an investigation of possible hazards in human food that comes to us in increasing amounts from the same country:

chinese-flag.gifChina, which in one decade has become the third-largest exporter of food, by value, to the United States, sent 199,000 shipments, of which less than 2 percent were sampled, former officials with the agency said.

Now, as F.D.A. inspectors travel to China to investigate the source of contaminated pet food that has killed at least 16 dogs and cats and sickened thousands of others, critics in Washington are warning that the agency is woefully understaffed and underfinanced to keep America’s food supply safe.

“The public thinks the food supply is much more protected than it is,” said William Hubbard, a former associate commissioner who left in 2005 after 27 years at the agency. “If people really knew how weak the F.D.A. program is, they would be shocked.”

Read the rest for yourself here. But be aware it may be hazardous to your peace of mind at dinnertime.


One Response to Import Hazards: People Food, Too?

  1. Great post, thanks. Perhaps it is time for America to leave her socialist experiment behind and get back to basics, eh? A good starting point is returning private property rights, and growing one’s own food on one’s own land.

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