Spring: Time To Go A Little Crazy?

Spring is the time when CNY throws staid old wintertime behavior to the winds, gets out, and has some fun.

ithaca-sciencenter.jpgNowhere is this more true than in our region’s “Free Spirit Capital,” Ithaca. Ithacans are lighting up YouTube this spring with examples of all the fun things they do, and they’re inviting you to join in.

The Sciencecenter can amuse and fascinate you indoors and out. Here’s how to make music, by going for an uninhibited dance on the Musical Staircase.


There’s music outdoors, too, especially on the weekends. In Ithaca, you never know what you might run across- like a band whose lead singer plays a guitar made from an old metal gas can. Not a bad accompaniment for a springtime dance of joy!



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