Clinton On War Vote: Do Over

Trying to put herself clearly in front of the Democratic presidential pack, Hillary Rodham Clinton is proposing that she and anyone who wants to follow her can take back their votes in favor of the Iraq war by voting all over again.


…it is not clear whether President Bush would have to withdraw troops, or if he could resist by claiming that Congress cannot withdraw its earlier authorization but instead has to deny money for the war to achieve that result.
The question could prompt a constitutional debate over war powers that only the federal courts could resolve.

The White House spokeswoman, Dana Perino, said the Clinton-Byrd proposal represented the same sort of artificial timeline that led Mr. Bush to veto the $124 billion spending bill on Tuesday.

The New York Times

Clinton’s proposal for an Iraq war re-vote came at the same time her closest opponent, Illinois Senator Barack Obama, came under Secret Service protection- earlier than any other candidate in memory.

Is it because he has run so well, or because there have been specific, credible threats? That possibility takes our thoughts back to earlier, violent times in our country’s political history that no person of good will ever wants to revisit.


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